Our Services

1. World class health behaviour change consultancy

Are you trying to help your consumers, patients, users or customers live a better life? Or do you have a product or service that you feel has untapped potential for improving people’s lives? We can help. Our unique approach is based on 20 years experience and is proven to work in the real world. 

The Younger Lives Model: Delivering sustainable ‘in-market’ behaviour change

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2. Our Younger Lives programs – Life Age and Heart Age

We specialise in ‘age-based’ programs because they create strong engagement and are proven to get people to improve their health. Our programs are evidence based, and can either ‘stand alone’ or be tailored to wrap around your existing offerings. There are 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Take the test to see how old you are. 

Step 2: Promote solutions to help people get younger



Our Life Age test was launched at the beginning of 2017. It is evidence based and assesses 9 important lifestyle factors linked with successful ageing: nutrition, body shape & weight, exercise, alcohol, smoking, stress, sleep, life satisfaction and mood.  Take our Life Age test here

Our Life Age programs provide an excellent framework for employee wellness programs and consumer health campaigns. They provide invaluable aggregated data about lifestyle impact on health, and can support people to get ‘younger’ with either a) our ready Guide to Living Younger’ or b) with bespoke plans or workshops tailored to specific organisational needs.




We are the original inventors heart age and have been working in this space since 2007. The test is based on globally recognised cardiovascular risk factors, is clinically proven to improve health, and is used with the NHS in the UK and the CDC in the USA. Take our Heart Age test here

Our heart age programs are highly engaging and well suited to run alongside risk factor testing programs. 


3. Tailor made program and campaign build

In addition to our pre existing ‘age-based’ products, we can work with our clients to create completely new behaviour change programs and campaigns that are tailor-made to suit requirements.

We can either work with your incumbent agencies or bring in specialist partners as required.  Products range from include online digital solutions and apps, through to end to end brand campaigns and program creation.